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Quantum healing offers a unique way to approach physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and soul health. Due to the unique nature, I can work on anyone (including animals and properties), anywhere in the world regardless of language or other barriers. I offer group and private sessions. I complete all sessions via proxy and include notes outlining the released imbalances and lifestyle recommendations as needed.

During a session, I connect with your higher self, which composes 95% of your brain’s function. It could be compared to a supercomputer and recording device with a record of everything that has happened to you. While accessing this information, we unlock the key to identifying the root, underlying causes of the issue you wish to address; then release and replace with healing energy. This allows the body to release dis-ease, and return to a restored and balanced state. Sometimes issues can be resolved in one session and other times it may take more time to fully release layers of multiple underlying causes to deep-seeded issues. Regardless of length of time to restore full balance, clients consistently report feeling lighter, more balanced, peaceful and lessening and/or complete relief of symptoms.

99% of quantum healing sessions are completed through quantum healing group sessions and healing pods. These are offered on a plethora of topics sure to meet your healing needs. If you aren’t sure where to start, feel free to request a free assessment.

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Group Sessions

Group Sessions provide a private, efficient, and cost-effective way to access quantum healing. You just need to sign up and that is it! I will complete the energy healing session anytime on the day scheduled and email detailed notes when I finish with some of my interesting findings. Book ONE session per person, animal, or property in need of the session. I must have permission from the person signed up to complete the session. Parents or caregivers can sign up children under 18 without permission or older adults if you are the primary caregiver. These will NOT have any one-on-one interaction or personal feedback. For more information, pre-recorded videos can be viewed on Youtube providing more details about what each session entails.

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Deep 1 on 1 Session

Please ONLY book this session with prior approval. Book this email only session for any issue.  I will get to your session as soon as possible and send notes when I finish. Note that these sessions are limited availability and will NOT occur at the time booked, rather as soon as I can. I perform 99.9% of my work in a group setting, so please check out those sessions or request a free assessment for guidance. 

– 20 or 30 minute session

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Emergency Session

Book this session when you need fast, targeted healing for one emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical issue.  I will complete this session as soon as possible regardless of time booked- healing energy will send immediately although your email will be sent later. Due to the nature of this session, I will only be able to provide brief notes on your issue and will send a message stating your session has been completed. If you need detailed notes, book a group or individual session.

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Fracture Repair Session

I find around 25% of my clients suffer from a major spirit fracture or shattering. These fractures can pass from lifetime to lifetime and create MAJOR imbalances in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. These can be located anywhere in the body including organs, chakras, the brain and even womb. When present, these create a major divide within the spirit creating energy openings and thousands of fractal splits. These can lead to very stubborn heath issues and entity attachments that may never seem to heal or fully clear. Brain fractures are the most intense impacting around 2% with symptoms that may include: PTSD, split personality, dissociations, schizophrenia, depression, being a targeted individual, and more.

For this session, you will receive a brief overview of the number of fractures, location, and time frame your body indicates the healing will take place. I will initiate the initial fracture repair for the fracturs ready to be addressed along with fractal restoration and place you in a supportive healing pod for the duration of your healing.

Book follow up session after processing time which includes clearing of additional fractures and check up on healing process. Some clients may require more than one follow up appointment, as the body will only allow access to fractures ready to heal and they must be addressed in layers when there are many present. 


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