Sacred Fusion–Couples Unity Retreat

4-Day Sacred Couple's Retreat

When is the last time you took a couple’s vacation with a focus on creating a deeper intimate relationship with your partner? Are you ready to create a Sacred Fusion with your partner during the getaway of your dreams? Join us in the heart of Maui, Hawaii in the beautiful tropical forest, overlooking the picturesque Pacific Ocean for a 4 day, 3 night exclusive getaway during the Divine Union 1111 Portal! 

During this immersive and exclusive retreat, vacation you will:

  • Enjoy a 4 day, 3 night stay at an enchanting, garden-filled location that encompasses healthy nourishing food and nature’s pristine beauty
  • Deepen and strengthen your bond by harmonizing your union through engaging experiences
  • Learn to use divine union as a container for healing and elevating your consciousness and connection
  • Remove blocks to receiving and giving love for a transcendent union that exceeds a connection beyond what you ever dreamed possible
  • Learn to utilize your relationship as a safe container for growing and sharing your life journey together as you merge in a harmonic convergence
  • Connect on a deeper level with Sacred Cacao, Blue Lotus, Couples Yoga, Mantra Bliss, and other sensory experiences
  • Receive immersive quantum healing and sacred union codes throughout the event to boost your relationship to the next level (I compare quantum healing to therapy on steroids without the awkward discussions, where your higher self leads and allows for rapid transmutation of traumas and disruptive relationship patterns so you can uncover the true you)

Are you ready to elevate your relationship to the next level and reignite the fire within? Let us know you’re interested!

About your host couple:

Raylene serves humanity as a world renowned quantum healer and medical intuitive.
She feels deeply passionate about empowering others to step into their highest octave of freedom, passion, and bliss. This journey often entails taking a deep dive into the depths of our shadows to reclaim all the disconnected, rejected, and forgotten aspects of ourselves. Through Sacred Fusion she guides couples on the path to deeper inner knowing and healing where inside a sacred container, they learn to find sanctuary within themselves and their relationship; where healing, growing, learning, and sharing together becomes fulfilling, passionate, and blissful- “beyond imagination”!
Raylene resides with her biggest supporter, anchor, and divine counterpart and of 25 years. In this time, they overcame and thrived through incredible losses and challenges to find themselves more in love and deeply connected than they ever could have fathomed. They are thrilled to invite you into the powerful, sacred healing container of Sacred Fusion with your love to take your connection to the next level of divine union where you learn to transcend softly, gently, deeply into the relationship of your dreams with powerful wisdom to transform your connection.
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Learn More About Hale Akua Garden Farm and Eco-Retreat Center

Hale Akua is wellness & education eco-retreat center located in the heart of lush Hawaiian tropical rainforest on Maui’s north shore.

What's Included

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  • 4 days, 3 nights at the Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat Center nestled in the jungles of Hana, Maui: 110 Door of Faith Rd, Haiku, HI 96708
  • Your choice between 10 accommodations, each with a variety of spectacular lodging spaces in a natural and supportive environment where you can relax, renew and restore your well-being. Each lodging space is a different size and price point, boasting its own unique view and charm so please browse through the room listings to book the room that’s ideal for your stay. Some even offer a private pool and/or hot tub!
  • 3 high-vibration organic, catered meals per person, per day of your stay (we can easily accomodate gluten free and vegan diets)
  • Eco Farm Tour
  • On site massages can book booked in the healing massage temple or your private room (add on)
  • Custom suggestions by Raylene for each couple on where else to go, visit, see, and explore to extend your stay in Maui!

Couples Itinerary

  • Engaging activities and exercises centered around healing & strengthening a deeper connection and bond to your partner
  • Custom journal workbook to guide you through new discoveries towards finding bliss with your partner
  • Healing personal and couples yoga to strengthen the mind, body, and focus on breathing
  • Live healing mantra bliss experience with Prema Love, an internationally touring multi-instrumentalist and voice alchemist based in Maui. Her most recent album was recorded with Grammy nominated producer, Ben Leinbach
  • Sacred Cacao + Blue Lotus Ceremony: a centuries-old ritual seen as an ultimate heart-opener that assists in energetic healing while gaining clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth. Blue Lotus gives euphoric feelings of peace and reconciliation, while helping to relax the body and mind and is known to be a sensual and generous nervous system relaxant–making these two elements the perfect combination for a full-spectrum ritual of sensuality
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    Topics Covered with your Partner

    Letting Go
    Holding Space for your Partner
    Connecting on a Deeper Level
    How To Activate Heightened Sensory Experiences with your Partner
    Healing Inner Child and Shadow Self-Opening to Love Yourself and in turn Expand your Ability to Give and Receive Love
    Restorative, Healing Touch
    Divine Union as a container for healing and elevating your consciousness 
    Leveling up your divine union

    Energetic Healing with Raylene

    • Custom quantum Healing Pods integrated throughout the duration of your  travels, including the Travel pod and Relationship Healing Container Pods to elevate and enhance your experience
    • Powerful Sacred Fusion healing container to support your healing journey and deeper connection with your partner for the duration of the retreat
    • Each session during the retreat features quantum healing incorporated into the activity to assist and accelerate every couple with unlocking energetic roadblocks at a root level. Raylene’s desire is to support each couple’s journey towards the harmonizing of your union during your stay in Maui!
    • Exclusive offer for adding on Couple’s Private Quantum Counseling with Raylene.

    What You Need to Know

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    How to Know If You're Ready for this Event:

    • Check through muscle testing! If you get a yes, that’s a great start!
    • You feel a Divine calling to attend
    • You’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take a couples vacation with a focus on creating a deeper intimate relationship with your partner
    • You have a yearning for more out of your relationship; maybe you feel like something is missing that you just can’t pinpoint, but want to continue to grow and expand your connection and bond together
    • You want to use divine union as a sacred container for healing and connecting on a deeper level with your partner
    • You want to connect with your partner on a deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual level
    • You want to tune your relationship towards harmonic convergence
    • You are ready to invest in your relationship while having fun in paradise (perhaps instead of all the many other areas pulling those resources)

    Other Things to Know:

    • This will be a small, intimate retreat with a maximum of 11 couples
    • The resort is in the middle of Maui rainforests–conveniences including food are at minimum a 20-minute drive away, although amazing meals and snacks will be provide during your stay
    • Maui Airport (OGG) is a 40-minute drive away and offers transportation resources once you arrive.
    •  We highly recommend extending your stay–we don’t want to see jet lag keep you from having the most transcendent experience while at the retreat (we will send you our suggested itinerary for some of Raylene’s favorite Maui experiences while you are in paradise).
    • Cancellation Policy: See terms and conditions for full cancellation policy. Cancellations will be accepted 3.5 months before retreat date.
      Hale Akua Retreat Center
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      How to Secure Your Spot:

      • Let us know you’re interested in learning more by filling out the Interest Form below
      • We’ll send an email confirming details for your experience
      • Just $555 down secures your room on a first come first serve basis- so book early to get your favorite space! With early booking there maybe the option to extend your stay at Hale Akua too! 
      • We’ll send you a link for paying that reflects your requested room preference and retreat add-ons, officially securing your spot!


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        Retreat Costs Vary

        Range of Base Costs:

        per Couple for 4 Days- 

        Each room at the retreat center has its own unique nightly rate, so submitting your room preferences and retreat add-ons below through the Interest Form will allow Raylene to calculate your final retreat costs. Some options include private pools and/or hot tubs with sweeping ocean views! Pricing does not include transportation to or from the event venue. If you feel a calling as a couple to join us, let us know by filling out the interest form below!

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        Countdown to the Retreat








        Thank you so much. I feel like I’m climbing out of my old skin with an unburdened heart. It is really wonderful to feel a spectacular lightness of being; able to brush aside the old version (even though it’s still with me) and resurrect my Self.

        – Sara (Womb Cleansing Pod)

        Well I really don’t know what to say! This has been a life changing course for me. I am a firm believer in building the foundations first and this is EVERYTHING! I cannot thank you enough for this, truly it has made a huge difference in mine and extended family life. I have taken an SRT course which looks at removing negative entities in all forms and together, WOW! I took the gala sessions too and have booked in my immediate family to have group sessions with you also. Thank you for shining your light, changed my life and now I am reaping the rewards as I now claim my sovereignty, I now claim my alignment to pure light, I now believe in infinite possibilities. The expansion in my healing abilities has triggered a remembrance. I say YES! Thank you thank you thank you,

        – Love Helen  (Bio-shields class)

        I am blown away by all that I have experienced since being part of your entities and attachments healing pod last Wed. I have not even read the notes from you yet because my printer wasn't working. I have finally experienced the culmination of my rebirth and I feel like a lobster who just molted. I am "frizzing" with a lightness of being I've never felt before. To say that this resonates with me is putting it mildly. One of the Lightworker Oracle deck cards I pulled the other day was The Pink Rose of Lady Nada. I am seriously picking up what you are putting down! Yesterday I felt something in my womb area get cleansed and released. It came out of nowhere.

        – Valerie S

        I just wanted to convey my deeply felt gratitude to Roots Restored Wellness for selecting me as the winner on her Monday night podcast. I have been in a heart healing pod for 3 days and have had 100's of walls, shields, and emotions lifted from my heart. My intuition and discernment has lead me to understand that these layers have been concerned with generational narcissism. It has also brought me to a place where I need to deal with my childhood awkwardness as I watch my son go through the same. I highly recommend these pods for a gentle and thoughtful release.

        – Helen E

        I did the property clearing session recently. I can't remember when exactly, but it's been great! I was having a lot of bad dreams, and they stopped. Definitely one of the sessions that I noticed a significant difference. Thank you for that! My very first session with you was an emergency session for migraines, and I noticed a significant difference right away. I definitely don't get them like I used to.

        – Heather

        I just wanted to say a big thank you to Raylene for the Energies session for Pets. I have noticed a huge improvement in my cat Chloe. She is acting so much more like herself after struggling with gingivitis for the past year.

        – Courtney

        My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love for you and this gift you have!! You somehow came into my fb feed a couple of years ago and I have been following you closely since, and I resonate so strongly with the quantum method you use. I am personally working to become a quantum healing hypnosis practitioner! Just saw my very first client. I am on my way! People like you keep me going, and give me strength. So many people need healing. The whole planet!!! Thank you for sharing your own personal journey and all that you have overcome, it's helpful to know. And gives hope to know we can overcome mountains. I have struggled my whole life as an empath and your sessions have helped me a great deal. Especially this core wounds session, I was really feeling this heavy weight around my mid-section over the last year and I literally jumped up out of bed the other night and felt a release. Like a big huge Boulder had been removed from me. And then I realized you had just completed the group session. Wow! That was truly amazing. Thank you for persevering to share your gift with us. We love you so much! I know you have a family to take care of and we thank them too! Much love and gratitude,

        – Raven


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