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I find some of my greatest joy in empowering others to step into their personal sovereignty and gifting. After a plethora of requests on how I do what I do, I decided to offer a series of courses from basic life skills to advanced quantum healing for those wishing to expand their reach into the world and beyond on a quantum level that transcends space, time, dimensions, and what most deem possible.

In this ever-changing world more and more people are entering the journey of self-discovery and looking for deeper answers and connection through life. These courses are designed to help you expand your sovereignty, discernment, intuition and increase your connection to Source as you navigate all of the spiritual battles that we face in our everyday lives.

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Advanced Muscle Testing

Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesthesiology, is one of the simplest ways to learn to connect with your intuition & higher self. Through this simple technique, you will learn to take control over your life vs living in the dark with uncertainty. You can learn to make choices in alignment for your best and highest good as you learn to trust your intuition and discernment.

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Building Protective Bio-Shields

Second to muscle testing, I believe shielding is one of my most important life skills. Maintaining our sovereignty and personal space is vital in a world full of low vibration energy, toxins, pathogens, entities, EMF, energy vampires and more. Creating bio-shields and force fields can assist us in maintaining our personal boundaries and all aspects of our health from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

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Hawaii Energetic Experience

Join Raylene on this once in a lifetime Grand Energetic Elevation Experience to assist in elevating your frequency. Enjoy the chance to join Raylene on her biggest adventure to date. While utilizing the Hawaiian environment, natural crystals and vibration to channel it all out to those who join in this session. This community will be available to you when you are ready to accept these energetic updates.

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Introduction to Art Healing: Guided Meditation

The perfect way to jump into Art Healing is to Get Messy!! In this zoom class Bobbi-Jo will be guiding you through a guided meditation while using the selected art medium of your choice to help you heal from 1 specific traumatic life moment that still bugs you today. This meditation will take you on an emotional journey while giving you a physical & beautiful medium for you to express your feelings to release them.


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