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I find some of my greatest joy in empowering others to step into their personal sovereignty and gifting. After a plethora of requests on how I do what I do, I decided to offer a series of courses from basic life skills to advanced quantum healing for those wishing to expand their reach into the world and beyond on a quantum level that transcends space, time, dimensions, and what most deem possible.

In this ever-changing world more and more people are entering the journey of self-discovery and looking for deeper answers and connection through life. These courses are designed to help you expand your sovereignty, discernment, intuition and increase your connection to Source as you navigate all of the spiritual battles that we face in our everyday lives.


Advanced Muscle Testing

Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesthesiology,  is one of the simplest ways to learn to connect with your intuition and higher self. I feel it is the most vital life skill we can learn and teach our children. Through this simple technique, you will learn to take control over your life vs living in the dark with uncertainty. You can learn to make choices in alignment for your best and highest good as you learn to trust your intuition and discernment. This is a skill you will not regret learning! 

 In this vital class you will learn:

  • What is muscle testing
  • Benefits of muscle testing
  • How does muscle testing work
  • Different types of muscle testing
  • How to create a baseline
  • The best way to connect when using muscle testing
  • Trouble shooting strategies
  • How to correct an inversion
  • Strategies for making the most of muscle testing
  • Examples of how you can use muscle testing in everyday life
  • A beautiful grounding exercise that will also help you balance your chakras and energy.
  • Basic cord cutting techniques 
  • Plus, access to a private community of other like-minded individuals
Muscle Testing


Second to muscle testing, I believe shielding is one of my most important life skills. Maintaining our sovereignty and personal space is vital in a world full of low vibration energy, toxins, pathogens, entities, EMF, energy vampires and more. Creating bioshields and force fields can assist us in maintaining our personal boundaries and all aspects of our health from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. 

In using shields and force fields I protect my family and I against unwanted and uninvited energy attacks and infiltration. With this powerful class, you can learn how to protect what you hold dear from infiltration and unwanted attacks.

In this course on shielding, you will learn:

  • What is a bio shield
  • Areas you may want to consider using a shield 
  • Where you can place shields
  • Different types and components of shields
  • How self-sabotage and false core beliefs may hinder your success
  • Problem solving- what happens when you get a breech in your shield
  • How to create a bio shield and force field with advanced techniques
  • Plus, access to a private community of other likeminded individuals

What I Wished Someone Would Have Told Me About Becoming a Lightworker

When I decided to become an energy healer, I jumped in full of excitement into what I thought would be smooth sailing. I felt very blindsided by what the process entailed and the level of negative attacks. 

In this class, I will review some of the information I wish someone told me BEFORE I began my journey as an energy healer. I feel I would have been much more prepared for my journey if someone took the time to share this information with me. Thus, I am sharing it with you in this open and honest discussion about some of my highs, lows, and shocking surprises along my journey as an energy healer. I don’t intend to scare anyone away. I offer this information with love and hope that you will join us in this beautiful and challenging journey with an increased and empowered awareness of what to expect.

What I Wish
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Inner Child Connection – Meeting Your Inner Child

Meeting your inner child is the 1st and most important step to take during this part of your healing journey. We need to get to know our inner child so that we can understand what our needs and desires truly are, finding out what sparks joy and makes us feel good. Guiding you to express yourself in a new way so you feel inspired to live your best life.

This course includes:

Introduction Video
1 Guided Meditation Video
1 Painting Class Video
1 Optional Goal Setting
2 Art Journaling Projects
1 Coaching Video
– discussion about valuing your inner child
– Making dreams become a reality
1 video from Gavin
1 mini Inner Child Healing Session

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