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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Roots Restored Wellness! I have a deep passion for following the will of our Creator and assisting humanity as he allows me through prayer and quantum healing. I give all credit to Him for bestowing these gifts upon me so I can be used as a vessel to help others. I prefer to work on the collective whenever possible and will never underestimate the power of prayer and humility for being given these gifts. 

Many ask how I came to this place in my life. I honestly feel I have been given a second chance at life and am more than honored to use it to bless others. For 28 years I suffered with debilitating health issues that continued to come with more and more diagnosis as time passed, including Lyme Disease, bartonella, babesia, asthma, chronic fatigue, interstitial cystitis (bladder disease), sinus disease, PCOS, stage IV endometriosis, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, MTHFR mutation, depression, anxiety, allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and more! It took me 22 years to receive a Lyme diagnosis and I spent 6 years desperately trying to find a cure and relief. I spent hundreds of thousands on treatments and took over 50 pills/drops/meds/supplements per day! All my treatments only left me feeling worse and more disabled to the point I was no longer able to work and spent most of my time in bed writhing in pain. 

One day my trusted naturopath told me he was shocked I was still earth side and attributed it to my perfect diet and doing everything possible to heal. He said there had to be more to the picture to explain why I was only declining and not improving. He referred me to an energy healer and I began weekly phone sessions with her where we worked to address underlying imbalances of my issues that touched on spiritual, physical, and emotional issues. After my first session I felt something different and knew this was my last hope. During this process my doctor suggested I become certified as an energy healer. I laughed because I had been so sick for so long and felt my life was spent with very little hope in sight. 

 I continued with weekly sessions for 16 months until I stopped relapsing and felt about 80%. It was at this time a friend gave me the book: Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson and I read it in 2 days. I felt an immediate anointing from our Creator that this was my calling. I signed up for certification courses the next week and haven’t looked back. Through my gifting, I cleared out ALL of my conditions listed and consider myself to be completely healed! I went from 50+ supplements/pills per day to ZERO!  I could also share a similar testimony about my son, who also has a whole new life ahead of him as a vibrant young boy.

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I have made it my mission to only do the work of our Source Creator and honor Source in all things. I don’t believe in putting our Creator into a box; thus believe all things are possible. 

I take my gifting very seriously and continue to receive even more gifting, which I attribute to allowing me to do this work faster and more efficiently than ever imaginable. As I continue to expand my healing work, I continue to receive rapid upgrades allowing me to access and release deeper levels of imbalances.

I have been married to the love of my life for 22 years and am a mother to 6 children (3 earth side). I currently live in the beautiful state of Hawaii on the island of Maui where I have been called to assist Mother Earth and healing of the higher heart chakra located on Haleakala. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Human development, Master’s in Educational Leadership, and  certifications in Emotion and Body Code. Most of my quantum healing work comes through discernment and intuition, but my background gave me a foundation from which to work with.

Individual Sessions, Group Sessions, Healing Pods, and Classes

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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions will happen by e-mail or on an internet-based phone service such as Telegram, Signal, FaceTime, or Messenger. Brief, summarized notes will be emailed after these sessions. 

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Healing Pods

Ready to take the next step in your healing journey? Get the most out of your healing with Healing Pods! Our unique pods offer an instant energetic exchange that can help you with a variety of imbalances ranging from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Get ready to experience the power of Healing Pods and get one step closer to your wellness journey today!

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Group Sessions

Group sessions include energy healing on several clients at once, yet are completely private. These are a cost and time effective way to easily access Quantum Healing. Simply choose from one of the 40+ topics, sign up, go about your day, and I email detailed notes once I finish.

This is HUGE what you have discovered! Oh my you hit a home run as this completely resonates with me and I'm sure the collective. I was a bit unsure of my direction and this discovery makes thoughts clearer for sure! I definitely felt something going on and I thank you and April for your incredible insight and collaborative efforts. I have had an easier time for sure and felt I could connect to Source. What you have done and are doing is amazing. What you have discovered is extraordinary and important on so many different levels. I am honored to have crossed your path. Thank you friend. I love you and happy holidays to you and yours. So happy!!!!!!

– Krista K

Wow! I can feel the shift instantly! I feel clean and purified inside! Very clean, gentle, feminine, peaceful, heart open, it feels like a flower that opened with morning dew on the petals. Feels like cool crystals inside my heart soothing it. Thank you for everything you do for us on this journey!

– Crystine (False self-ego)

My son had a super bad cough, he had so much phlegm, and nothing I tried was really working. I looked at Raylene’s sessions and that week she had the immune boost session. I quickly booked it and his cough went away almost immediately mind you he had been coughing for about two weeks. Then my younger son got sick, and just like his brother he was miserable Raylene didn’t have a session that I thought would help so I booked one of her emergency sessions. And miraculously he got better after the session.

– Michelle

Greetings Raylene- Updating you that my finger issue is nearly completely resolved. Quantum Healing is THE best Also, M took the bacteria session last month for his paws smelling like corn chips. When I heard that may be a sign of bacterial overgrowth I had to sign him up! NO more smelly paws and no more chips and salsa cravings for me PLEASE know we value you and your healing sessions and are forever grateful to be able to participate in them -

– Stephanie

UPDATE on my Dad: you have helped so much with his manic flares. He has been more balance lately for him. It’s a huge stress relief to have a healthy distance from the drama with healthy boundaries. For me I am able to recognize more clearly when people’s expectations are unreasonable and not for me to burden myself down with…what a huge relief! Healing through Layers

– Margie

Raylene. I had an apt w/a Naturopath yest and she did the ZYTO scan on me. She said she has never seen someone with SO FEW issues! I think thats because of all of the work you have done for me and the ‘leveling up’ that we are doing. I thought I had a lot at “50” outside the perimeter- but she said No - most people on their initial visit are at 150-160’s. Im the lowest she has ever had!! So THANK YOU AGAIN for ALL that you do for us and all you are teaching us to do! (( Thx for the Kidney work last night…the Zyto also had my Kidneys as one of the things to treat immediately. )) MUCH LOVE TO YOU BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!

– Mary

I took your heavy metals and the results were outstanding! I woke up feeling so much ligthter and mouth pain went away. Thank you!

– Sandy

Raylene, Thank you so much for the session! On Friday (and for about 10 days preceding) I had terrible and scary heart palpitations come upon me suddenly and I almost passed out at work. The ER found nothing wrong, yet the palpitations continued. Today, after the session and healing chamber, I have no palpitations at all. I am amazed!!!!! Thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart.

– Denise

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