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Specializing in Quantum Healing

Through quantum healing I restore balance and wellness by identifying and releasing the underlying root causes of imbalances in the physical, spiritual, pain, etheric and emotional bodies that lead to dis-ease.

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Restoring Balance to Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

I initially became certified in Body & Emotion Code, and since developed into relying solely on intuition and discernment while connecting with clients; expanding my work with clients to a whole new level where anything is possible! I work with clients all over the world including our animal friends and properties.

By connecting with your higher self, I gain valuable information regarding the root causes of imbalances in the physical, emotional, pain, etheric, ancestral, and spiritual bodies. The subconscious is like a supercomputer with a record of your entire family history and everything that has happened to you in your spirit’s journey. Through this process, we co-create healing as your body reveals the root causes of imbalances while I support and facilitate the release of dis-ease so the body can restore balance in all levels of wellbeing. I am honored to be a part of your healing journey! 

Due to extensive experience in a plethora of situations, I also specialize in spiritual warfare for individuals, properties, pets, and to assist the collective. Upon entering my healing journey, I never fathomed I would be placed in extremely dark situations that would test me to my core. I persevered and accepted my calling to protect innocence and assist humanity from forces that refuse to play fair and honor the law of free will. This work involves coming face to face with some of the darkest, most vile, and oppressive forces inside and outside our universe who seek to bring chaos, destruction, and pain into the world. Entities are beings who violate and infringe upon the free will of others with malevolent intentions. They often reside as a root cause for almost all imbalances I work with. If you need support in this area, you have come to the right place! It takes courage, faith, strength, wisdom and compassion to carry out this important mission and I am honored to assist.

If you would like guidance on where to start, please request a free assessment.

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Common areas of imbalances include:

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Emotional Wellness

Achieve emotional balance by releasing trapped emotions, internalized trauma, past abuse, inner child hurts, heart walls, soul fragmentation, inherited issues, & more.

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Body System Balance

Achieve physical balance by identifying and releasing issues in organs, glands, muscles, body systems & how they connect.

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Toxic Resolution

Identify and release heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation & other toxins that may be throwing off your body’s balance.

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Spiritual Imbalances

Address all components related to spiritual traumas & abuses, spiritual warfare from entities, curses, preconception and in utero traumas or spiritual attacks, energy weapons, portals, vortexes, “haunted houses”, hexes, programs, and more.

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Belief Code

Identify and release destructive and false core beliefs that can hold one back from reaching their goals.

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Pathogen Resolution

Release destructive pathogens and invaders from the body from various forms of bioweapons to bacteria overloads, fungus, mold, Lyme, Hantavirus, smart tech and so much more.

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Structural Balance

Support the proper function of bones, nerves, connective tissues & alignment.

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Nutrition and Lifestyle

Balance hydration processes, utilize nutrients, balance hormones, and add healing energies to support vitality and wellness. 

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are an efficient and cost effective way to access quantum healing. You just need to sign up and that is it! I will complete the energy healing session anytime on the day scheduled and email notes when I finish with some of my interesting findings (these can also be found on  my Facebook & Telegram business pages).  Book ONE session per person in need of the session. I must have permission from the person signed up to complete the session. Parents or caregivers can sign up children under 18 without permission or older adults if you are the primary caregiver. These will NOT have any one on one interaction or personal feedback. For more information, pre-recorded videos can be viewed on Youtube providing more details about what each session covers.

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Thank you thank you thank you!! I feel free! The gross covid smell is gone and I was singing and my soul feels so much better! I realized it’s been exactly 1 year since I took that test. I knew if this darkness existed there was a counter balance of light. Thank you for being this light to me and my loved ones.

– Melanie (all things covid)

"My wife just completed your "all things (0V1D" session and is a changed person! I feel like I finally have my wife back! She had been very depressed and negative, lethargic, not feeling well, and having anxiety / stress / heart racing / heart pain. This seems to have all subsided after having the session done. It did take a few days to fully take effect though. The negative thoughts you found in the group session really resonated with her. She had the Mod v 2x due to being borderline forced by her mother and now regrets it."

– Andrew

I did quantum healing sessions with Raylene Short for MTHFR/gene mutations and all forms of allergies this week. I woke up today without swollen lymph, my sinuses and ears feel open, and no headache.

– Beth

“Raylene is amazing. Through my sessions, I have learned so much about my body, my emotions, and healing. Raylene is patient and will work hard to find the answers! I believe God has gifted her with this talent to help others! She has even helped my granddaughter and my dog. Give her a try!”

– Cindy Bangert Brattain

“Before having a session with Raylene I was having terrible neck pain and just feeling heavy emotionally and spiritually. I can't really explain how this works but all I can say is I feel so much better after a few sessions. My pain is pretty much gone and I can breathe again, I feel lighter and not as bothered by things. She was recommended by my husband and I was skeptical but decided I'd try it since he paid and I dunno if it's like magic but it absolutely worked on me!! I highly recommend trying her especially if you've tried other ways to fix yourself that haven't worked!!”

– Sonia Scott

“This has been a positive experience for me. It has amazed me and we have started on a path of wellness. I look forward to continuing."

– Alyne Eickert

"I love Raylene’s absolute passion for healing. That’s so important for a practitioner. She’s something special and you should give her a try."

– Radhaa Nilia

I got the PCR/Covid session. I feel lighter somehow. I have had sinus pressure for months (allergies) . It is gone now. I also have been having a a feeling of pressure on my chest that is gone too!

-Patriot Girl

I was apart of the group session on hydration last month. I see such a difference. I actually enjoy drinking water now so I'm drinking more. 😊 Thank you!

-Ashlei Noone

Thank you so much for this! I feel like I knew once you had cleared me because I felt suddenly joyful. I then intuitively felt that it was due to your work, so I intentionally tried to think about various traumas I have experienced and... I felt absolutely nothing. Note even a twinge of sadness. The memories held no emotion anymore and it was like my brain would intentionally try to drift away from the thought, like it was bored. It's really remarkable and I'm actually still trying to process the result because it seems so unbelievable.

 – Katie Johnson

Thank you so much Raylene for all that you do. I am so thankful to have found you. I have participated in quite a few sessions and I have absolutely noticed such a difference with myself. I feel so much lighter and just all around better. I definitely look forward to your sessions.

– Lori Thompson

I don't even think I can find the words to properly thank you for this session. I know you say it's not magic, but it feels like magic. I can't even explain it. Just this amazing feeling of feeling balance, connection, joyful,'s been a long time since I felt this. And my 6 year old, who joined me in this session, is so happy and singing to himself. I just appreciate you so much!

– Christy Japs

I was amazed by how quickly Raylene's work helped me clear my pneumonia. At first I was dealing with sinusitis and ear infection for a few weeks. The sinus/ear infections were getting cleared with lots of supplements and other natural treatments but somehow I developed pneumonia. I was very sick and weak so my husband was getting ready to take me to the ER. I refused because they would just give me some toxic antibiotics to make me sicker, so I signed up for Raylene's session for bacteria clearing (I knew it was bacterial). It only took a few days to clear my lungs and felt a lot of energies coming back to me. I am so much better now and can't believe I had pneumonia and thought I may even be dying (I felt that bad..)! No MD. No antibiotics. No side-effects. It's magic! Thank you so much, Raylene!

– Mayumi Osada

Not sure which sessions are best for you?

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Want to gift a session to a loved one?

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Are you ready to let me help you identify and release underlying causes of imbalances in accordance with what is for your best and highest good?

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